D U N G E O N   G E N E R A T O R

Dungeon Generator is a random dungeon map generator, an external Windows tool separated from the roguelike game Zorbus. It can be used to generate tabletop RPG -style maps. There's a step-function which adds one area at a time if you're interested in seeing how the algorithm works. There are several different map coloring themes. Maps can be exported to PNG-files. There is also a mass generation function that automatically generates a wanted number of maps and exports them.

The dungeon building algorithm used in Zorbus is based on an article written by Mike Anderson, posted to Darren Hebden's Roguelike News website back in 1999. The article can be now found at RogueBasin.

See Dungeon_Generator.txt for instructions and some algorithm explanations. The file is included with the download.

Since this is mostly just a by-product of the game, I won't be spending too much time developing this further.

This is and will stay closed source.

If you are a game developer, you might be interested in zorbus_vaults.zip. It's a collection of all the prefab areas used in the generator, in plain ASCII-format, free to use (CC0 Creative Commons License). A (huge) graphical preview of the prefabs.

You can use VirusTotal to do an online virus scan to the file below before downloading it.

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